Loyalty’ what is it? It is something, you

Loyalty’ what is it? It is something, you can’t assimilate, and I reckoned you were my friend, you don’t have a conscience, you don’t mind who you hurt, You do all kinds of dirt in the borough, Surely, no one can trust you. They assert you are a filthy thing and don’t yearn you around.

You are the brain of all disastrous things, you have tarnished every plausible thing in the town. Etiquette and reverence, you don’t possess. Snatching and robbing is your best discretion. you, the worse of the worse, you are lower than low, you should be slain, and a bullet must be shot at your brow. You are the wreckage of space and fresh air. A day will come soon when you gonna die and no one will mind.
— Adnan Shafi, TEARS FALL in MY HEART