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I?ve read all my life, and I read

I?ve read all my life, and I read everything. I?ve been so influenced by so much that as soon as I mention one name I think, Oh, but I cant?s say that without saying that. I think there are certain obvious big guns, but I really hate to say any one, or six, or twenty. But you could very roughly say that the English novelists of the nineteenth century and the Russian novelists of the nineteenth century were formative. That?s where my love and admiration end emulation was when I started. But then I read all that other junk, too. And I did my college work in French and Italian literature. I never much liked the French novelists. I can tell you what I don?t like. I don?t much like the great tradition, the James-Conrad thing that I was supposed to like when I was in college. I?ve revolted against that fairly consciously. Flaubert I really consider a very bad model for fiction writer.
— Ursula K. Le Guin

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