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I will go and I will turn every twig and

I will go
and I will turn
every twig and leaf

to find the smallest act of you,
I’ll dive to deepest reef

For who am I
and why all this
if I were to lose my faith
that you’re my father
holding me,
that in your arms I bathe

If I surrender to this world
it can only be in you
for there is no will or want
if I’m just passing through

Hold me, Father,
act through me,
never let me go
I don’t want the ego mind
I don’t want control

I know I’m here to make a change,
to sing a song that’s you,
from the dawn and till the night
That’s all I wish to do

I am but a tiny drop,
a little drop of sea,
and when I’ve served my time down here,
shine your light on me

Like a drop of ocean life
I’ll return to you,
all I wish to leave behind
is memory of You
— Petra Poje – Keeper of The Eye

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